“I have seen the enemy

and he is us.”
–Pogo (Walt Kelly)

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“Hell is other people.”

–Jean Paul Sartre

Sure can be with regard to neighbors, overly needy friends, co-workers, kids, people on the roads, at public events, on the phone, at your front door, etc.

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By and large, yesterday, the dopers

who were queued up smoking weed in line were unemployed, wore hoodies, and had lots of time of their hands to stand around waiting for their next stash.

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Politically and economically, the world is in the hands of

dopes, thugs, killers, and autocrats. These are the defective types of ‘homo sapiens’ running and controlling the world.

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The most dangerous job in the world

is journalism in dictatorial countries like Saudi Arabia. Jamal is/was a tragic hero who dared to speak the truth for freedom of speech in service to others.
This in contrast to Trump’s agenda-ed lie that journalists are the “enemy of the people”, an insulting reference to Ibsen who wrote a play with this title about hypocrisy, dishonesty, and propaganda.

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A Must-See Cartoon

Gary Clement’s in the National Post today. Says it all about opening the floodgates to cannabis legalization and dumbing down.

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McGill research finds that pot impairs drivers

for up to 5 hours. Now who didn’t do any research? Little Trudeau. Too dumb and lazy.
This is going to lead to a lot of accidents, folks.

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Canada will become the go-to country for doper-travellers.

Trudeau will be viewed as the Pot King/Hero of Canada. His greedy ego-whim to capture future votes of young people will cost provinces, cities, and towns many millions per year. And a major reduction in health (even for pot sellers) and safety of young people. The planes, apartments, condos, backyards, sidewalks, classrooms and national parks of Canada will reek of pot. A major hit in ethics and law and order, too. The cops on pot. A truly dictatorial move foisted on innocents and the vast majority of Canadians. What a political legacy!

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Another Strange Bird Sighting Today

In the backyard this time: a beautiful American Redstart male.
More like fall today in Edmo. Sunday took off after an 11 am brunch at Chianti’s on Whyte. The warm buns and Chicken Parmigiana with their outstanding Minestrone soup. Definitely the best 11 am brunch on a Sunday morning before things get busy.

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Canada’s and Edmonton’s Dumbing-Down

will be complete in days when pot daze begin. Young adults and teens have been selfishly sold downstream by Justin Dope.

The levels of consciousness, thinking, language, education, and discourse in our society is about to take a major hit. Get ready for more stay-at-home dopers with a total aversion to work.

Essentially, Tennyson’s “Lotus-Eaters” here we come! The continuing decline of young people who want to work in our society. As to increased consciousness, there are limits to already built-in limitedness. As if to breathe were life itself, eh?

Edmonton is about to become The Pot Capital of Canada. What an uplifting moniker. Now these are the type of quality tourists and residents Iveson wants to attract to our crumbling roads, infrastructure, and fast-food joints.

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