Marvellous CD/DVD Collection by the Late Glenn Gould

The monogrammed blue box. For any real aficionado of his work. His best work and then some.

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St. Pat’s 2018 Memory

Crème de menthe on Oreo ice cream–decadent delight!

St. Pat’s cupcakes–yum!

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Snowed In

Edmo– First 3 Mos. in a Nutshell

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Low Comedy at Its Absolute Best

The Golden Age of Comedy, the first of two films included on this precious DVD, came out in 1957 when I was in grade 2 and played theatres everywhere including Winnipeg, my hometown. My Dad was a big fan of the old slapstick comics and this was the first time that anyone had done a compilation of the old time comics. He felt it was important enough to take me out one evening to see this delightful show and introduce me to all the comics he used to enjoy in his own youth. This was the perfect comedy entertainment for kids in the ’50s every bit as it was in the time of my Dad’s youth.

This was a real privilege for me as it turned out and I was magically introduced to Laurel and Hardy, Will Rogers, Ben Turpin, Harry Langdon, and the Keystone Cops. I had terrific time and subsequently became a Laurel and Hardy fan through my elementary school years. These guys were, indeed, The First Kings of Comedy.

Robert Youngson wrote and produced this classic plus his follow-up When Comedy Was King (included here) featuring Fatty Arbuckle, Charley Chaplin, Charley Chase, Buster Keaton, and Laurel and Hardy again. This DVD collection is expensive and hard-to-get, but worth every penny if you want to see broke people up everywhere at theatres of the 1920s and ’30s. A lost art preserved by Youngson and now, briefly available, on DVD for those viewers who’ve never seen the like or are looking for broad belly laughs that translate into any language. Highly recommended.

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Fake News on Google

Celine Dion cancels Las Vegas residency for three weeks!

(Let’s give Trump one credit for popularizing one needed term in assessing media news today.)

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It can only get more sleazy, corrupt, and obsessively, paranoidly controlling.

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The Continuing Relevance of Sherlock Holmes

“The Devil’s Foot” episode in the great Granada DVD set is so relevant to today with its references to chemical poisoning (the UK spy poisoning) and to allowing higher justice to have its way (Trump and maybe Trudeau today).

Holmes travels to Cornwall to recover from a pending nervous breakdown and is called to illuminate a bizarre episode at a nearby far estate where one woman dies and two brothers are driven mad overnight with no discernible cause, followed by a similar death by the remaining brother who reported the first crime. Nothing is what it seems to be and Holmes reveals two crimes and nearly dies himself in the process.

A very good script, the usual solid British acting along with Cornish atmosphere, and two special effects scenes at the core of the mystery. Certainly one of the weirdest episodes in the Holmes’ story canon and this adaptation works well right down to a satisfying just deserts ending the viewer will have little difficulty in agreeing with.

The Holmes stories continue to be timeless like all good literature of the forgotten past. This series is one of the best UK tv series ever done with the most definitive Holmes’ portrayal of all time by Jeremy Brett.

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The CORRECTION Has Started

with the ex-Playboy model on Anderson Cooper tonight, Stormy Daniels on CBS Sunday night, and Trump’s lead lawyer abandoning ship with Ty Cobb to follow no doubt. Mueller will take Trump down if the latter has to do an interview soon.The fan is about to hit the you-know-what.
Here in Canada, T2 forgot to tell everyone that the pot bill needs to pass the Senate. Today’s vote could bring an inglorious halt to T2’s runaway druggie dream if the senators have any moral conscience at all. If the bill gets defeated, T2 would have to crawl back to the Commons on his belly to start the process all over again, leaving numerous politicians and biz types pissed off at his withholding the Senate vote info. I pray the bill goes down in flames and that Trump’s comeuppance happens this weekend with a long follow-up unfolding of being repeatedly shot down in flames.
We all live in hopes. These two are mine for the next few days.

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No Brains: Trump

by congratulating the Russian dictator today on winning a fixed election. Imagine how much of a betrayal that will be to the UK and its allies against the Russian chemical attacks.

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Full Circle: Looking Back at an Unseen, Unknown Future

(5th birthday, August 31, 1954, Winnipeg, with Jeanne’s cake–the latter still an annual tradition)************************************************************************************There is much we can not foresee, especially at a young age such as:

-wearing glasses beginning from grade 7 on

-acquiring diabetes 2 at 48

-surviving a near-fatal asthma attack in hospital at 30

-being hit on the jaw by a baseball bat at age 9 and surviving without stitches or professional medical attention

-driving and owning a car some day

-losing control of a car in a snowstorm, spinning around and ending up in a ditch, right side up, uninjured at 25 on a highway in northern Alberta

-owning a house

-getting married and having two kids, long grown-up, both happily with partners

-being a grandfather to two grandsons

-being a teacher for 30 years (I was unaware what a teacher was at this age); teaching about 5 thousand students (what’s a student?)

-going to something called university

-writing 50+ plus books (I did not own any books then); the books selling over a million copies (what’s a million anyway?) and being re/used by about 4 million kids; presenting to thousands of teachers (what’s a teacher? what’s a presentation?)

-owning and losing two good, faithful dogs

-falling in love with music and learning to play guitar and singing; knowing that music would become a sustaining, inspiring, pleasurable pastime

-fronting several groups from 1968-2003 that played for tens of thousands of people

-acting in and directing drama (What’s a play?)

-ever owning a fair number of books and movies (I’d only seen 2-3 movies at a theatre by this point. What’s a VHS, a DVD, a camera, a tape recorder? B & w TV had just come to Wpg. I assumed “Howdy Doody” would always be broadcast on tv.)

-having many friends (none at this moment, though, on Thompson Drive), ‘losing’ most of them along the way, being down to a few close ones at age 68

-ever being as old or older than my parents at age 5

-ever leaving my grandmother’s Thompson Drive house to move into our first house on Wallasey Street

-ever going to school (beyond my past part-time kindergarten), let alone spending 48 years in schools

-knowing there were other places in a very big world, including Alberta and Edmonton where I would one day settle; only knowing Winnipeg as the centre of my life till 1970 A.D.

-not knowing about something called hockey–something I would one day play and watch a lot of good hockey in color over the years

-having no clue at that point how life would have been different if I had been born earlier, later, somewhere else, or never born, or born into a different social class

-not knowing there were such things as individuals, that I lived in a society, that my childhood imagination and curiosity would stand me in good stead for another 63 years.

-not knowing that imagination, creativity, music, and language would become the four principal defining aspects of my life

-not knowing that so much would depend on learning to read and a yet-to-be-developed interest in print books; that these interests would lead to three distinct careers as a teacher of literature and language, a writer and editor, and a poet

-not knowing that there was a discrete thing called words or language that I would go on to explore in depth from age 17 on

-not knowing that my established dreams, dreaming, and romantic sensibility would direct my life and love choices, my uniqueness, and the eventual drift and development of feelings, thoughts, expression, and consciousness

-not knowing that my only-child freedom would continue for years and that I would later have as much freedom from 52-68 as I had at age 5

-not knowing that there were truly a zillion unseen possibilities as there have turned out to be, especially in personal development, people, Nature, and love

-not knowing that the flow of my days would continue, mostly unhampered or unlimited for another 63 years

-and not knowing that–much like this picture–that momentary gifts would continue to be special to me, and that my life would be largely consist of gifts of myself, later culminating also in an acceptance of the many kind, generous, reciprocal gifts of others


Blake called this state Innocence. Others have called it Inexperience, Ignorance, or Naivete.

Does anything remain of the five-year-old above? Yes, of course. All the essential qualities, characteristics, personality, and sensibility. All there. Still.


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