Easter Monday: Earth Day aka Rachel Carson Day

Who could forget Silent Spring, the smart, sensitive 1962 eco-classic which led the author, a determined individual woman, to successfully defeat large corporations and government?

(my flatsigned copy; truly a book collector’s El Dorado)

(3 classic videos on Carson’s life and work)

(the cover photo from Carson’s 1965 photo book The Sense of Wonder with black and white photos by Charles Pratt and others)

(the 1998 reissue with color photos by Nick Kelsh)

( a nice overview of how Carson’s manifesto changed the world)

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The Olde American Dream

can only be found now in the country’s ads and commercials, the illusions of ideals once believed in by many generations of its citizens.

The latest Range Rover commercial shows a Jack Russell Terrier in a high-rise window looking longingly down on–what else?–a Range Rover. It imagines being in the back seat with the window open as the Rover escapes the crowded city for the openness of countryside. There, the dog escapes the Rover to romp outdoors freely and happily in the beatific wildness of idealized Nature.

The not-so-subtle subtext and symbolization: Americans love dogs and easily identify with the cute mutt as it dreams of freedom and the desire to run freely far away from the crowded, inhibiting city surroundings. The commercial is an encapsulization of the olde American Dream–what many Americans still desire would escape to if they’d had their druthers.


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Post-Mueller Report

Widespread American public outrage has not happened despite all the evidence yesterday and T’s admissions and proofs of guilt. The report simply does not matter to most Americans and they are not likely to support impeachment including the GOPs in the senate. No one, including the Dems, is going to bell the biggest, sickest fatcat of all time.

And there are far too many dopes prepared to support or vote for the biggest liar and con man in American history. Easily that country’s most openly corrupt president ever who never took seriously his basic oath to serve the country and Americans. Instead, he has fattened his own obsessive personal interests.

It would seem that many Americans still ‘don’t get it’ even when there are a ton of facts, truths, confessions, and objective non-partisan evidence. Too many of the 99% ¬†prefer to be left alone in their lives with whatever damage T will randomly and continuously inflict on them economically, health-care-wise, and treasonly (via zero national and domestic security). They are living proof of slavish mobs in Orwell’s Oceania, accepting and endorsing non-stop lying, barefaced corruption, nepotism, meanness and cruelty to ‘others’, and shameless dictatorial rule.

The olde American Dream values of truth, justice, fairness, freedom, and real security still look too imperiled. For now America remains on a path to  self-destruction. Meantime, unquestionably, the nightmare world of 1984 has arrived in the States.

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The Muller Report Arrives–

In the words of Trump: “I’m f*****”.

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Is there such a thing as Inner Peace?

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Obit: Ted Knight’s Wife

Georgia Engel, 70.

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Sooner or later

the many ghosts of the past will catch up to you and re-enter the consciousness via dream. These ghosts will cause you to rethink moments, episodes, and people from the past. They will also get you to wonder if things could have gone better or, unluckily, gone much worse. They may even get you to realize things about yourself of a true, not-so-flattering nature. What you, personally, might have done wrong. What you might have done better. What you might have chosen instead under the same or different circumstances.

But these situations are usually long dead and gone in physical reality and cannot be amended in any realistic way. Instead, they exist and will continue to exist only in your own uneasy consciousness, to be dredged up, unbidden, hauntingly, periodically. Thus, the ghosts of the past remain, for the most part, in our consciousness when, in fact, they are long dead and gone in external reality.

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The Problem with Restorations

In Edmonton, the Strathcona Hotel catches fire.
In Paris, same with Notre Dame cathedral.

This pattern has oft been repeated elsewhere. Restorations too often destroy. I’d have been terrified or sceptical if I had been the overseer of Notre Dame when a ‘restoration’ had been first suggested or announced. Ver-ry risky.

The same applies, parallelly, with ‘controlled burns’ of forests which, too often, lead to major out-of-control infernos. Even though last year saw much of the Prairie provinces and B.C. burn down, I suspect that ‘controlled burns’ will stupidly continue. Man does it to himself, to Nature, and to high culture over and over. Totally unnecessarily.

Stupid choices revisited, especially with fire of all things, don’tcha think?

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The Kiss-of-Death Names

parents sometimes give to babies.

Like Malice, for instance. He grew up to be the guy willy-nilly setting off Molotov cocktails on cars on Whyte Ave. last weekend. Uh, any questions?

What you are, what you are destined to become is often set by your first name. People often grow into these names.

Think of the day when Malice checked a dictionary and found out who he really ‘was’ or the way he would be regarded by others, or the way that he was ‘expected to be’ in life.

Think what you like, but I believe people start to become what their names suggest right from the get-go. It is the first sign of destiny and a not-so-subtle motivator or indicator of what a person will turn out to be.

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My Fourth Most Rare/Expensive Classics Illustrated (Tie)

The Cloister and the Hearth #66. $80.

Mysteries of Paris #44. $80.

Mr. Midshipman Easy #74. $80.

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