Not a Great Time for Stock Investing

what with Brexit and falling markets. In fact, I only own 1 stock which is going to be de-stocked when it’s renewed.
One only has to go back to 2007-8 and the market meltdown to see why investing in stocks is problematic. There were people then who lost large chunks of money because they had invested in stocks or too heavily in them.
RRSPs are ok, though whenever you cash in, the gov’t. gets 10, 20, or 30%. You also have to wait for 3 year due dates which is not necessarily convenient if you have any kind of nowish emergency.
No, the handiest and quickest way to get needed or emergency funds, is to max your TFSA and your spouse’s. No tax is taken off and the money can be accessed anytime. I would say to anyone, max your TFSA. That money will cover roof or furnace repairs, funeral expenses (even pre-paid), car replacements, etc. Absolutely no one, not the feds or the bank can tell you what to do with that money when you need a quick withdrawal. And there is no tax hit.
These daze everyone needs to be able to access ‘quick funds’ without necessarily cashing in RRSPs and being beholden to the bank or feds,
Of stocks, I’ll simply say Who’s got time to sit on their behinds watching the markets? Who wants to lose money? Why would anyone choose increased randomness and arbitrariness¬†for their money? Who wants to be dependent on banks and advisors for one’ financial situation and fate? Who needs all the extra stress of investing?
(Ironically, the only commodity doing well now is gold, so that is worth pondering cashing in if you’re not big on bling and frozen material assets.)

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