“Halloween Apples!”

That was how kids announced themselves at people’s doorways in the ’50s and early ’60s. Of course, apples were traditional to give out until the reports of razor blades in them emerged, and then candy and chocolate became more the prevailing norm.
If you’re a parent, it’s best to still walk your kids around. and stay with them There are still creeps out there and have been as long as I can remember. Halloween is still a red-letter day on pervert calendars, so stay safe out there.

Some people seem to go all-out with decorating and the horror angle. Back in the ’50s and ’60s, there was never anything that: the weird over-the-top music and voices, as well as the special visual effects.

I still remember the kids in school going from classroom to classroom in their costumes, spooking the younger kids. There was no political correctness then and you could dress up as anyone you wanted to. Girls tended toward princess costumes more than those of contemporary superhero and tarty celebrities of today.

And, of course, kids used pillow cases to collect their hauls. The big fun came at the end when kids got home and dumped their hall on the floor or carpet to see “what they got”. The candy lasted for days, sometimes weeks or till Xmas, if doled out by parents.

These days we usually get about 75 kids or less at the door. My adult daughter comes here with her companion to give out candy. I usually go out later with them to do a walk around the block and see how houses are decorated and get some of the old flavour and atmosphere of still one of the most memorable days in kids’ calendars.

There’s been talk of banning Halloween, but I doubt it will happen despite all the grinches in the minority houses who still leave their lights off, don’t like kids, are too cheap to buy candy, or refuse to participate fully in Canadian occasions and fall rituals.

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