With the glut of electronic information,

there is an illusion of real intelligence and wisdom.
Human intelligence is often sadly lacking these daze as we come to depend more and more on machines.
There is a notable lack of focus as people, by and large, endlessly distract themselves to no useful or purposeful end with the ‘wonderful’ technology.
There is simply too much fire hydrant-style information with an inability to pull out what’s important or to make distinctions within whatever information. Often there is no sense of priority, insufficient intelligence, and zero brainpower at play.
Human should be the agents of whatever technology, not the other way around.

This Christmas, I wish all technology-users the gift of conscious autonomy and a life capable of freedom without total, mindless reliance on technology. It is users’ unique personal lives after all, not the machines, that is important and prime. Weren’t we all given our brains for some reason?

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