David Suchet’s “Murder on the Orient Express”

Part of the Poirot DVD boxset. In many ways, this will seem ordinary except for the camera work and effective music when compared with Sidney Lumet’s movie version with an all-star cast. Where it differs is its handling of the denouement which turns out to be the climax Also as Poirot makes a choice to be presented to the police of the rescue party.

Throughout the series, Poirot has been portrayed as a staunch Catholic believer who has difficult choices to make, often in regard to how he will choose to deal with various guilty parties. This tv drama is no different and probably the most anguished choice he has to make. Totally unlike Albert Finney’s Poirot in Lumet’s version, who perhaps too readily agrees with the murderers’ choices, followed by the killers happily celebrating and toastingĀ their revenge! A tad glib in retrospect whereas the Suchet version is more realistic and credible.

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