Doin’ It to Ourselves–part 3086: No-Sympathy Cases

From Edmonton to the Dominican Republic.

Edmonton: Guy running on ice downhill into the valley falls and breaks his wrist. Bad, stupid choice. No common sense. Much like bike-lane falls and injuries in winter.

Dominican Republic: couple gets hookworms on beach which requires meds you can only buy in the States. Other Canadians saying they want to get married in DR and frolic on the beaches. If they get hookworms and are cryin’ the blues that they can’t get meds here in Canada for it, no sympathy.

If people have the information or lack common sense about injuries and afflictions easily avoided by common-sense choice, no sympathy. These are totally self-inflicted, self-willed, dumb choices. People ultimately have to take responsibility for these stupid choices. No one to blame but themselves.

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