And so it follows, with agenda

or identity politics, that the Stanley trial white jurors were incapable of empathizing or sympathizing with indigenous people, that they never would have argued or voted for Colten. They were automatically ag’in’ him.

On the other hand, any indigenous people on that jury would have seen that Colten was automatically just an innocent, good young man, 100% flawlessly in the right, without error and having made no questionable or poor or bad choices.

In other words, there is automatically racism anywhere native people are and that demarcation lines are sharp, automatic, and obvious. White is white and native is native and never the twain shall meet. The case was simply one of “us” vs. “them”, nothing else, with no extenuating circumstances or dubious context. Well, the problem with that is that it is a great oversimplification and offers no hope of any kind of true reconciliation.

I think it is a grave mistake to assume that having members of whatever non-Caucasian race for a jury automatically assumes that justice will be done and that non-Caucasian members would simply vote for the guilty party regardless of whatever facts and objective evidence. Justice and truth in courts require more than this; they require neutrality of opinion and freedom from bias. In what ways does simplistic us vs. them thinking taint the whole justice process?


Further: Still way lost, perspective-wise, in all this is how Trudeau and the Minister of Justice have prejudiced any potential appeal for the deceased in this case. There is a long precedent that no politicians shall officially weigh in on individual cases publicly and try to change verdicts. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. Pure and simple,  this case should not be retried now that these two dopes have revealed what they believe to be openly-biased trump cards of power. They have stupidly mired any legitimate chance for retrial. If this case does go to retrial, it will fly in the face of the justice system’s rules and principles as well as historical precedents.

BTW/I, too, like so many other white folks, feel that there should be more native jurors in future trials, but not on this one given the way the politicians have bleeding-heartedly and pc-ly stepped out of line, ignoring protocols and laws.

And I will always oppose us vs. them thinking that pointlessly and simple-mindedly divides and dooms us all, creating more totally needless fear, suspicion, division, and discrimination.

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