Only Edmonton City Council would be stupid enough

to propose a downtown playground for street people and dopers to hang out in, leaving needles for kids to discover.

Likewise, stupid enough to build an ankle-deep fountain in front of city hall, and, simultaneously, to propose an obvious e-coli ‘beach’ which will sicken and poison citizens who are dumb enough to frolic in the North Saskatchewan.

This city has also declared war on pedestrians and cars for the sake of a few bike riders in a 4-month period. They have also torn up roads willy-nilly the past two years, leaving them fallow for 5-6 months to dry out while hundreds of thousands of drivers are inconvenienced while their vehicles rust away from another no-brainer ‘good idea’–the use of calcium chloride. The millions this council has wasted could have put to much better use helping the poor, and building indoor gardens for citizens to find seasonal relief in.

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