Trump Is an Honest-to-Goodness Dictator.

He wants to rename the USA as Trumpville. He wants nothing but loyalty and yes men; he has no interest in serving the American people. He is all about absolute power and the aggrandizement of himself. Only he made the North Korean meeting decision, for instance; he is The Big Hero a la Big Brother.
But he is also treacherous and treasonous (refuses to defend his country against Russia), does only what he wants to do, listens only to what he wants to hear, refuses to take responsibility for anything negative, and is in bed with the NRA. He is the master politician of distraction, seconded only by L’il Justin in The Great White North. Tru-deau and Tru-mp. Has a non-coincidental repetitive ring about it.
Mueller’s days may be numbered now that Trump has his Republican investigative committee backing. Only Stormy may be able to bring this monster down.

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