In response to a friend’s concern about diminishing reality everywhere:

Definitely a free-fall era thanks to a long history of deceptive and persuasive ads plus leaders’ (Trump, Trudeau, Putin) routine lying. MeToo has likewise grown from lies, deception, betrayal, and a lack of trust. A number of forces and trends converging.
It strikes me, too, that schools have also surrendered to a major self-delusional technological dream built on non-real, unstructured, purposeless, and trivial expectations. Certainly individuals need to focus and maintain grounded personal lives. Within family too.

So, very much like Winston Smith finally. Reality is personal and between the ears; only one generally can know and decide what is bosh and hang on to hopes of a decent life quite apart from the swirling mess on planet of the clowns. There will be those who rebut or add that individuals may be deluding themselves, but they are, nonetheless, making their own minds up about what is real, useful and relevant to them personally.

In other words, cut out the societal noise and madness and take direction from self, following one’s bliss anyway. In this view, reality is largely a personal experience, decision, and perspective. Don’t count on your leaders, what’s left of institutions, media, spin, advertisements, social media, et al. You’ll potentially be a lot more focused, happier, and freer if you don’t.

So don’t expect a wider, societal consensus on what used to be called objective reality and truth anymore. Hang on to your own perceptions, opinions, and beliefs about these two. Personal reality is the last surviving reality as long as one chooses it and ignores the chaos, the herd mentality, and the mad, mass, agenda-ed deconstructions.

“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.”–Stanley Kubrick

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