More Lunacy and Morals Decline

Two small kids interrupting my 7 Eleven transaction this morning to try and buy smokers’ accoutrements sold on the counter. Told by the clerk they were too young and couldn’t buy such. “Why not? I’ve got a birth certificate. I’ve got a passport.”

I wonder how many underage kids will eventually be affected by Trudeau’s stupid, irrational pot legislation. The damage to family, schools, and social interactions will be enormous. Totally irresponsible, inconsiderate, and care-less about the younger generations. A cynical money grab, pure and simple. I do not look forward to being assaulted by pot smoke in public, on the roads, in apartments and condos, outside malls, and at home with neighborhood dopers assaulting the spring and summer air as well as my personal space.

There is going to be a lot of dope (what pot is) circulating on senior high school grounds, junior high school grounds, elementary grounds, (as this stuff filters downward) and in parks. Edmonton will smell like a great big joint before summer is through.

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