What I Have Enjoyed Most about Poetry Long-Term:

(Richard Davies)

-its freeing word-play
-its capacity for wit and for expressing ironic, intelligent, heartfelt perspectives in a short space/fewer words
-its ability to express beauty and truth in a boiled-down, direct way
-the necessity of its being read aloud and performed to /shared with an audience ultimately to have its completion and fulfillment
-its depth and range of thought and feeling
-its transformation of thought and ideas into metaphors, the highest form of expression (along with love)

My life has long been mostly sensitive, empathic, romantic, idealistic, and heavily word-based through writing, performing, teaching, reading, music, and literature. That is what I have most/ly been and continue to be. But if there is one word/thing to boil that down to, it would be poetry. The correct phrase to describe and sum me up would be: a poetic sensibility.

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