A Hundred Years Ago or So

(top: me in 1962 receiving a painting on behalf of the school at the 50th anniversary; that painting, incidentally, was nowhere to be found by me or theĀ 2012 principal at the reunion–uh, who piked it?; BTW/ I am standing in the same gym where I later gave my reunion speech in 2012)

(with Hugh Hanson at the reunion, my oldest friend and neighborhood buddy who also went to Bannatyne)

Bannatyne School, my elementary alma mater was built in 1911. In 2012, I went back as the main speaker for the 100th anniversary reunion.

One year later the Titanic sunk–the first major failure of modern technology in the 20th century. The 106th anniversary is being acknowledged today in Halifax where many of the rescued dead are buried in the main cemetery.

Five years later, also in Halifax, the Halifax Explosion–the second major failure of technology in the 20th century occurred.

The connectedness of history and personal lives.

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