Re. Bill Cosby Verdict

Well, finally a major step forward for women everywhere and long overdue. (Outing Weinstein was also part of this MeToo moment.)

But imagine that, the long intervals between. First between the suffragettes at the beginning of the 1900s to get women the vote and right to be treated as “people”, and the early 1970s women’s movement for equal pay, the pill, and better treatment, and now in 2018 (almost 50 years later) for legal equality in courts and in America.

The American Dream failed women for a long, long time. For too long, they were used, abused, shamed, manipulated, controlled, and fought against on sexual matters. Rape convictions have been very tough to get on celebrities and famous people. Justice has long been unequal in these important, basic matters.

I think that these landmark cases will lead to more prosecutions and support for women in courts on these charges and crimes. It’s been a long way to Tipperary, but these brave women have achieved justice and fairness and broken a long negative chain of injustice and oversight. New heroines will be born out of all this positive change and moves forward.

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