Burton: A Case of Bad Timing

Burton Cummings was scheduled to sing at a Jets game, but now that’s not likely after a Mother’s Day accident in which his car was totalled after some idiot ran a red light down in L.A. where Burton resides. He suffered a concussion and has several other significant injuries. No doubt his upcoming tour will be in jeopardy for the 70-year-old whom I used to go see in The Guess Who and The Deverons, his pre-Guess Who band, back when I was in high school.

I still remember seeing his 17-year-old self at the Marigold Restaurant on Portage Avenue one Sunday afternoon around 1965 behind the counter after he had bugged the manager to use the restaurant phone with a girl fawning him and hanging around his neck all the while. Ah, such were the travails of a young idol-rocker life before he hit the big-time with Randy and company.

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