The End of Civilization (cont’d)

The disgruntled female customer in a Langley Tim’s who dropped her pants, then defecated on the floor, and who next threw her crap at a Tim’s employee behind the counter shows that Screwball Central has really taken over and that anything gross and degrading can and shall happen these daze.

It was T.S. Eliot who said that civilization would end with people killing others in the streets–something which now goes on regularly with hit-and-runs and ISIL attacks in North America. I would concur with Eliot and cartoonist Walt Kelly; we have met the enemy and s/he is us; the barbarians have arrived all over again and gross, primitive  barbarism and public murders are commonplace. No one and no situation is safe or sacred.

Especially with Trump and Trudeau, too, I think we are also witnessing the needless damage and deaths done by non-caring egotists in power. There are no longer any political authorities who inspire and elevate the populace and the human spirit. In their place, only a dumbing-down and catering to non-stop greed and selfish whims. The prevailing spirit, instead, seems to be “Fuck you all; this is all about Me and my agenda godamnit.”

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