Trump’s Use of Buzz Words:

The words standing out from Trump word-clouds these daze are “Spy, No Collusion, and Witch-hunt”.

America and Americans have fallen so low that 59% of Americans believe no crime has been committed despite the number of damning Mueller results complete with convictions! There are that many stupid people out there that could care less about Truth, Facts, and Justice. They blindly believe Don the Con that much.

The last two honest Americans against giving the whole institution of justice away are Rosenstein and Mueller. (I’ll, incidentally, add the groups of MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.) You can see why Trump wants to do away with the DOJ, CIA, and FBi after they didn’t want to just kowtow to him. It’s pure Animal Farm and 1984 stuff. One-man emperor-style dictatorial rule; he wants as much power as his bud Putin.

Well, with only 41% of Americans being capable of discriminating crime (and presidential crime no less) and two guys still standing with some media support, you can see how desperate times are getting. The U.S. is becoming Russia steadily the last two years. We are witnessing the death of democracy south of the border and a truly horrific dumbing down which never would have happened in the Watergate era.

Like O’Brien holding up fingers and playing games with Winston Smith’s mind, Trump has bamboozled and distracted the majority while destroying American institutions, the White House, Congress, and world protocols like a bull in a china shop. Sort of like Picasso’s Guernica sprung to life in actuality. Things are that corrupt and chaotic,¬†while getting very dangerous and limited.

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