From an E-Mail to a Friend This Morning

It could be that Mueller is waiting for the upcoming elections to pass and then bring out the report. He’d presumably have Democrats in the Congress supporting impeachment. If the Senate doesn’t back it, then there’s a major division and crisis for sure.

Would public opinion shift if the evidence is damning enough? So far Trump’s side lacks argument, facts, common sense, and evidence. Would the majority support him if Mueller makes him look very guilty, obstructive, collusive, treasonous, and very corrupt? Americans were dumb enough to elect him and still support him now, but what about when the cards are all on the table?

The stakes are no less than survival of democracy, the credibility of the elected governing, support of the law and legal system–in short, the last shreds and foundations Trump has not destroyed yet.

If the U.S. becomes nothing more than ‘Which side are you on?’ sans evidence, reason, fact, empirical evidence, reason, etc., then the country would be a laughing-stock toast.
One CSNBC commentator said this morning’s ‘news’ was Theatre of the Absurd and commentators were admitting that NAFTA has to survive or America will be really isolated against Europe and everybody else. So far no one in his base is challenging the damage he’s done economically to them.

He is a crazy man on the loose shooting everyone and everything from the hip on whims.
It may finally come down to a loss of the American majority that prompts the Senate to go to impeachment trial.

There is no more integrity and credibility in the White House going back to 2016. It’s taking too long to right Napoleon’s ship. The American Dream is dead and lives on in DJT’s head, nowhere else. Things get worse there daily and continue to spread, infect, and destroy everywhere else. As I said before, myriad countries and lives have been destroyed and DJT egomanically loves that. He is evil because he has no respect, empathy, sympathy, or moral compass. It will only get worse for millions of people everywhere because of who he is, his stupid choices and the damage and destruction he’s wreaked.

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