Decoding Melania’s Coat Message

She represented Trump at the camps. He doesn’t care. so she doesn’t care. Simple. But the real target was Trump’s base of whom he rhetorically asks: I don’t care, do you guys? No, they don’t care. All the NRA types too. These people are tough and mean and don’t have feelings of kindness and compassion by and large. In other words, they don’t care, even about humanitarian crises in their own country caused by their divine rep on Earth. “I don’t care” refers to Trump and his racist gang.

The message was just another big slight toward ‘foreigners’–they’re not worth caring about. They’re animals, in Trump’s and his base’s opinions. So let the support base, the immigrants, and everybody else know what he thinks, using his wife (again) what his position remains despite the fake visit.

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