There are clearly now

two sides south of the border. On one side you have: untrustworthy Putin, his corrupt indicted agents who hacked the 2016 US election and poisoned four UK people, crazy boorish Trump, fake news Fox network, lying Sarah Sanders and staffers paying lip service to Trump, cowardly Republicans who’ve refused the call to stand up against Trump and for democracy, the religious right, the violent and irresponsible NRA, his hardcore minority base, and the cronies already indicted.

On the other side you have: Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, the US intelligence community, law and order, probably Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels and other women used by Trump, the immigrant kids in limbo, most American voters, the Democrats, and most of the media.

In a nutshell, evil, greed, corruption, non-stop lying, fake news, depravity, illegality, self-righteousness, and stupidity and ignorance on a massive scale vs. the law, justice, truth, facts, honesty, integrity, used and abused individuals, and decent, intelligent, sensitive, caring, responsible Americans intent on restoring America to a greatness Trump has single-handedly destroyed and done dirt on.

Trump has clearly betrayed his country and committed treason by supporting the U.S.’s greatest enemy and insulting and betraying U.S. allies, the U.K. the E.U., and the Baltic countries he should have been defending and supporting against Putin. It is very clear now which side he is on.

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