That Trump and the Republicans

are thoroughly corrupt and rotten has long been obvious. There also doesn’t seem to be much respect for common sense, truth, justice, and law and order south of the border.
Now Trump has provided his loonies subset with motivation to use their guns: media and journalists. Utter madness unleashed in a country already reeling under non-stop craziness, lies, treason, despotism, and conspiracy.

As Emmett Till’s grave sign continues to get shot up and the racial divide is back big-time, it’s fairly clear this is all headed toward violence, disaster, and tragedy a la Charlottesville or Vegas on a large scale.

All because the Republicans en masse have shown zero integrity and respect for the law, their country, and their elected responsibilities. They’ve sold out their country and people to Russia and an egotistical orange-faced Big Brother. The every-which-way- destructive nightmare that America has become under Trump is even closer to collapse and irreparable ruin.

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