My Late Mother’s Uncanny Edmonton Look-a-like


(My mother and/or the look-a-like)

I’ve written on this before, but there is a woman in Edmonton, whom I glimpsed again, who is the spitting image of my mother who passed in 2007. Totally uncanny.

Anyway she was at a recent concert and this naturally brought back many memories of Rose who lived in Winnipeg. (I first saw likely the same woman on a flight from Victoria to Edmonton and wrote about this in a previous blog entry.)

She looks identical: body size and shape, facial features and eyes, hair style (cut and color), earrings; dresses similarly; moves the same way.

They sometimes say that the dead are still with us and even try to communicate with us years later. I have accepted this strange experience twice now. Does it mean something? I take it as basically a reminder of her living presence, an opportunity for me to remember and think about. (I am realistic enough to know that this is a different individual with an entirely different life and background and there is no need to talk to her.)

The longer you live, the more you realize patterns and resemblances along the way. This was a synchronicity moment that put me and this unrelated person together twice now briefly. What are the odds?

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