Sooner or later politics and ethics

affect one’s life, choices, and what happens to one.

Anyone who doesn’t think politics is significant and incredibly influential is denying facts and reality, and lives inĀ illusion, denialĀ or a dream-world. Of late, for instance, we’ve seen how much politics can kill civility and foster hate south of the border. Many Americans are only now just waking up to the relevance of politics in daily life and their futures.

Politics literally gets into everything including child-rearing, schooling, work, careers, relationships,–all well beyond the simple view that politics is just about elections.

When I taught English in high school for 30 years, both politics and ethics were the core of what I taught. Examples:
Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear.
Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird, Brave New World, Nineteen Eighty-four, The Grapes of Wrath.

You can go beyond this to literature at large and include such works as the following:
The Odyssey
War and Peace
Animal Farm
The Iliad
The Divine Comedy
Pride and Prejudice
Bleak House
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Madame Bovary
Les Miserables
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Heart of Darkness
The Magic Mountain
Catch 22
In Cold Blood
The Handmaid’s Tale

In short, the greatest books and literature of all time.

Fact: politics and ethics influence and rule our lives and choices.

A key truth of The Human Experience. No question.

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