After the Midterms

Well, it’s a start in the U.S. and a return to accountability. Reviewing Trump’s taxes is long overdue, but this may be redundant if Mueller already has that info and the corruption it reveals. One can only hope that Mueller’s report comes out soon and shows Trump to be the undeniably phony, thoroughly corrupt and traitorous crook he really is.

The bigger picture hope for a return of some sanity has started with increased participation by women, non-caucasians, youth, and veterans. More of that will be needed, but Trump will not be toppled by the Dems in 2020 unless they have an O-level leader like Obama or Oprah (someone of that equally/greater significant popularity, credibility, and influence).

One can predict the constant stream of racist and misogynist rhetoric will continue, and so will the non-stop lying onslaught upon objective truth and empirical evidence. The Trumpian/Republican stench will most likely continue and grow. Trump is a racist (the most openly racist POTUS ever) fascist (look at how he plans to use the troops) who has already/long turned the tables on civil rights in America.

The unfounded attacks on the media will continue as Republican supporters continue to dumb down and ignore facts and truth that belie their fundamental craziness, self-interests, and irrationality. Above all, democracy’s tumor will continue to grow and enlarge.

Trump still has Senate veto power for any moves against him. He has the propaganda arm of Fox News doing his bidding and he constantly sows doubt, fear, division, and domestic terrorism. He is still very powerful and will continue to be Trump regardless of what the Democratic House does against him now and in the next two years.

Any way you cut it, America is still divided, corrupt (two indicted Republicans elected last evening), and a long way from Tipperary. Only significant counter-action and a strong new leader will majorly change the huge mess come 2020. Cross your fingers for Democracy, Common sense, Reason, Truth, and America.

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