On Showing Respect and Appreciation for Living in Canada

(Hint: a poppy anchored in a removed pencil eraser head prevents you from being stabbed or  from stabbing someone with the sharp end outside of clothing; wear with the sharp end anchored in the eraser on the inside of clothing–it stays fastened and doesn’t get as easily lost)


 The simple act of wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day and the days leading up to it. Moving beyond the petty, selfish world of ego to acknowledge, empathize, understand and respect those brave unselfish millions of men who served and defended this country in wartime to make it possible for one/you to live free, be able to make free choices, and to enjoy freedom of speech.

It seems like such a small/minimal acknowledgement and ‘sacrifice’ in order to go on living peacefully and free within the great country of Canada. (Immigrants usually take some time to develop these attitudes given Canada is not their native country, though the number of non-caucasian faces at the Ottawa ceremony is gradually increasing. And some even acquit themselves significantly more or better than native-born Canadians.)

And so what would be the excuse of those born in this country to not wear the poppy and express this minimal appreciation and respect for all the freedoms they enjoy? Would they prefer war and myriad unnecessary deaths, including those of friends and family members? Would they prefer to speak a different language if their country was overthrown by another foreign country and culture? To be ruled by a fascistic dictator?

No, the danger of not wearing a poppy and/or going to services suggests a minimal attitude of non-caring and ignorance, nothing more, nothing less. (And that goes for pacifists enjoying free speech and freely living in Canada as well.)

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