Christmas, Poverty, and Hard Candy

all go together. I remember looking each Christmas at the Eaton’s catalogue (they delivered orders) in the colorful candy-chocolate section. I knew there was only so much I could request in the small family order.

The hard candy in different shapes (ribbons, stripes,¬†and the like) and colors, was what I would order each year with its modest price (under 3 bucks as I recall). We’re talking hard, potentially teeth-breaking stuff (right up there with filling-removers like Mackintosh toffee). But that candy was a key pleasurable, annual¬†treat in my childhood.

This limit and choice seemed pre-destined for a 1950’s poor kid. And yes, I even used paperboy money to pay eventually my share. Whenever I think about poor people these daze, I imagine the same kinds of limited, limiting choices kids still have to make based on budget and poverty.

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