Trump isn’t greatly different from most of us

who want to live our lives in our own way, exerting whatever influence on the external, social world to support, as much as possible, our various dreams and wills.

The only problem is he wants to inflict the latter two on the entire U.S.A. and every other country in the world. He expects to rule the world much in the fashion of any other dictator: Hitler, Napoleon, Putin, Kim, et al.

He is mega-ego writ larger and jammed down the throats of all. The World is his world as far as he is concerned. He wants to own or have power over everything/everyone and put the obscene name ‘Trump’ daily in the news and in places around the globe to say “I am the Great Poobah/the New Ozymandias, suckers. Look on my greatness, my works and despair, all you slaves and trash below my feet.”

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