St. Paddy’s Day: It’s All about the Music!

Imagine a St. Patrick’s Day sans Irish music. Pretty lame, eh? It does not get better than the highly-recommended 2-CD-set called Irish Celebration, pictured below. All the famous Irish tunes and classics are included. A must for the Celtic music fan.

I am looking forward to the crème de menthe pie or crème de menthe over ice cream as well as the shepherd’s pie meal at home –the annual party with my daughter and her companion. Always a hoot with the green Strongbow beer and some Irish viewing.

(this is the movie that scared the pants off me in grade 4/1959 with the death coach scene and the banshee scene)

(Luck of the Irish is an excellent Tyrone Power comedy complete with a naughty leprechaun)

(one of Cagney’s best about a young American who gets diverted into IRA action; a good, very entertaining, dramatic introduction to Ireland’s historical political conflicts)

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