The Olde American Dream

can only be found now in the country’s ads and commercials, the illusions of ideals once believed in by many generations of its citizens.

The latest Range Rover commercial shows a Jack Russell Terrier in a high-rise window looking longingly down on–what else?–a Range Rover. It imagines being in the back seat with the window open as the Rover escapes the crowded city for the openness of countryside. There, the dog escapes the Rover to romp outdoors freely and happily in the beatific wildness of idealized Nature.

The not-so-subtle subtext and symbolization: Americans love dogs and easily identify with the cute mutt as it dreams of freedom and the desire to run freely far away from the crowded, inhibiting city surroundings. The commercial is an encapsulization of the olde American Dream–what many Americans still desire would escape to if they’d had their druthers.

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