Still a Great Film about Relationships

and the ones that don’t work out no matter how hard we try. John Schlesinger’s 1971 classic Sunday Bloody Sunday stars Peter Finch (as kindly doctor Daniel Hirsh) and Glenda Jackson (as Alex Greville, a restless employment agency worker) at their very best. Murray Head plays Bob, an indecisive avant-garde sculptor, is their mutual love interest. Smart script by Penelope Gilliatt. Many subtle scenes and different kinds of relationships explored. Peter Finch in the surprise POV ending ultimately reveals the main theme. This one is a realistic classic which also captures London’s changes in 1971. Nice score and music choices. Highly recommended. Very good on marriages, affairs, children’s views, games people play, and internal personal restlessness.

The thoughtful film that accurately answers the recurring question of relationships”What’s half a loaf?” in two ways:

“We were something.”  and “Not enough at all.”

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