Re. Soul and E.M. Forster

So, what of the soul and being conscious of it and heeding its significant needs and deep requirements? ‘Twas this that E.M. Forster explored in his novels, especially Howards End and A Passage to India.

In the latter, Adela Questad of arrogant, uptight Europe encounters the mystical soul of India in the Marabar Caves scene, and her own hypocritical void receives a profound wake-up call and comeuppance (the latter later at the trial). Likewise, in the cave scene, the half-mystical Mrs. Moore realizes her own emptiness, later persuading Adela to drop her accusation, and moving toward a more Hindu state epitomized and practised  by Professor Godbole.  (All of this to do with the importance of the state of one’s soul in the context of the physical world.)

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