Why take bottles & cans to depots in a pandemic?

One doesn’t need to be more exposed to Covid than necessary. There are several local charities that one can donate to. They could use the money more than most householders these daze.

Here in Edmonton, I’ve signed on for Winnifred Stewart. They will pick up and the money from donations goes to their worthy causes.

Speaking of causes, according to recent polls, the one that has the lowest admin costs with most money going to the needy remains the Salvation Army. One can donate online.

Everyone has their favorite charities, in any case. Nature- and animal-lovers, we often give to the SPCA, the zoo, or other animal groups.

Donating to the local Food Bank is another good no-brainer human charity. (Online cash donation this year, again reducing the risk of Covid exposure.)

Charity remains the most humane, civilized aspect of what’s left now of civilization. As Aldous Huxley remarked, it is the most significant aspect of any human progress. We have to remember the less fortunate in our relatively well-off Western world. Every little bit helps.

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