Kenney was lying

when he said he was quarantining last week, then slipped when he mentioned he was talking to someone at a store.
He runs the province like a random Trumpian dictator. He purposely ignores experts like educators, doctors, and nurses.

For instance, despite the doctors’ letter three weeks ago suggesting a valid lockdown, he ignored it and went into hiding from the media and their questions. Instead of shutting businesses down as recommended by experts and as has been done in other provinces, he is keeping them open, thereby, recklessly increasing public Covid contacts. This is as ornery as refusing to use the federal tracing app while his expensive app is broken and useless.

And, instead of consulting with school boards, he just randomly announced a shutdown for 7-12 at the end of the month; a real f-you move. He is just an arrogant little bastard who wants to micromanage this province and its inhabitants. At the rate he’s going, we’ll have scorched earth here by 2023.

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