There are a lot of things to be thankful for

this Saturday morning.
Warm inside the house with the heat on, running.
A view through the patio window-doors of a relatively peaceful world outside. No snow to shovel.
Tv on, with the Shaw Frame channel fireplace crackling away warmly in the corner.
Munching a good oatmeal-raisin cookie from the Organics store.
Sipping a post-coffee drink, two hours later, of diet Coke with caffeine.
Listening to a Tchaikovsky piano concerto playing in another room.
Still wearing a cozy dressing gown, lounging on a comfy love seat.
A vague notion of reading the delivered Globe and Mail.
A mind and feelings completely at ease/in sync, savouring the above, in no particular rush to change or advance the day thusfar.


And the latent thought that if It were to be now, t’would be perfect timing.

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