“The mind in creation

is as a fading coal.”
–P.B. Shelley

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On Cleaning Stubborn Gunk or Tape Off Your Vehicle Window

Ye olde using tape to get stuff off is limited at best. A very small amount of Becel vegetable oil to dip a paper towel in does the trick. I had several marks yesterday to remove and they were gone in about a minute of rubbing on, then rubbing off. You heard it here first. (You learn something new every day dept.)

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D.A. Pennebaker, 94.
Sixties Filmmaker who made Don’t Look Back, the legendary 1965 tour of England film. As Joan Baez said, using Bob’s words “It was all over now, Baby Blue” after that tour.

I first read of the tour in Pennebaker’s little 1967 paperback visual script, and did not see it until the ’90s. It strongly affected how I see Dylan, Donovan, Baez, Alan Price (of The Animals), Albert Grossman–his manager, and his pals.

(new copy of the original 1968 visual-look-screenplay I first read of the movie  in university before it appeared long afterward in 2006 in a nice DVD boxset)

(purty interesting: 5 uncut audio tracks, Pennebaker & road manager commentaries; alternate video of “Subterranean Homesick Blues” not used in movie; original trailer; an extra hr. of Dylan; the original companion book; a visual flipbook of original “Subterranean” video.

A must-have for the hardcore Dylan fan.


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The Last G-Sale Before I Turn 70

About time. One day 2nd last weekend, then we eked out another 2 sunny days this wkend. Went very well–over 600 people, 4 bikes 2 dogs, and one-5 cent spider, drifting through. The usual family gang and we babysat the (IQ 130) 7 year-old who put together a tricky cube shelf on the driveway.

Very financially successful (we’ll live off the take for 2 mos. spending dough) overall, but, at this age, it takes a couple of days to come down or even look to the garage again. So this is the last big one after 10 years of sales over the past 12 years or so. A major downsizing and now, as customary, we donate most of what is left to charity. An appropriate finale this month.

(The last Jeanne’s b-day cake last summer in a Wpg. hotel–had these cakes for many b-days since childhood; the chocolate curls and shortbread base are to die for.)

Looking forward to a last trip to the old Macdonald Confederation Lounge this month before it closes for good. The outdoor symphony will be here before you know it and the big 7-0. Radium is also not too far off now, staying at Bighorn Meadows, seeing my old high school musical friend in Calgary, and picking up a Wpg. Jeanne’s cake there for the Radium celebration. August and Sept. are already filled up.

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Aug. 1: Day of High Angst for Teachers

as they realize summer’s half over and their days of freedom from the tyranny of their jobs is running out. Well they know the basic 10 month imprisonment awaiting them at the end of the month (even with Xmas and Spring breaks).

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Spiritual Captivity

Blake was right again. Many adults experience this and an accompanying mental passivity that reflects a limited, limiting attitude toward life, often related to a desire to control and use others. What he called “the mind-forg’d manacles”.

Two ways to transcend this mode are 1) to associate with Innocence, (re)learning from it and/or 2) to activate one’s own Inner Child in a fulfilling, unblind way, releasing one’s repressed desires from fear and shame. We are, each of us, responsible for our own spiritual freedom and liberation from spiritual captivity. No one else.

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Which charities would I choose if I had a lot of dough to give?

A significant charity for children with major health challenges.
the SPCA.
Nothing is worse than the unfair, undeserved pain and suffering of young children and helpless animals.

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Which moment from my life would I choose to relive?

(the glorious summer of 1969 AD; we were all young and in love once)

The May afternoon, 1969, when I stepped off the train from Winnipeg and walked two blocks to the old courthouse on Winston Churchill Square where my fiancé worked and we were reunited after a long year apart. This event pretty much showed that the impossible was possible (in true Davies style), and confirmed we were destined to be together despite the parental preferences, geographical and time-apart factors. I pretty much assign my final coming-of-age (I was 19) to this rebellious, romantic event and happening. And Karen and I have been together ever since.

*I sold my beautiful Gibson guitar to a Wpg. pawn shop to buy the train ticket. I have always had my priorities straight in significant matters.)

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More Important: Intelligence or Common Sense?

Asking too much of today’s mortals, for sure.

To me, it is basic common sense that is lacking widely across the board. People have been so distracted by their phones and computers, they no longer have the common sense that used to go with coming of age or learning from experience. Intelligence is sadly lacking, too, today, but common sense is more basic and it seems to be a forgotten, unused faculty.

Put it this way, with common sense, one has a much better chance of fewer conflicts, danger, and significant mistakes leading to harm, injury, destruction or death.

Predictably also, heavy phone- or computer-users will also lack common sense and often not be too smart, self-reliant, autonomous, and mature in the old-fashioned sense.

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O the Sounds of Edmo Summer!

Lawn mowers
continuously thru the day.

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