So much is of the
blur, the motion
the non-stopness
of one day
after another.

The accumulation
of life-scenes
and whether one
processes them
or not, let alone

These daze I prefer
the moment,
the extended stills
that transcend film.

In those you can
really see the details
and some sense in what
a diminished world
is, means, or once was.

It is the steady gaze,
the single photo
that speaks of
beauty and detail
for the beholding.

So much of life
is flow, the crazy
and distraction.
Less of it to do
with apprehension
by eyes, mind,
heart and soul
of wholeness.

(Clouds and trees
reflected in water.
The distant coast,
a boat
leaving a wake.
A road ribboning
up and down hills
like a storybook.
Tom Thomson
fall forests
and blue lakes.)

There is a glory
to permanence
in nature above all
on a windless day
as lived by self.

The other world,
public and restless,
a remote facsimile
of faux-connect,
beaten up by flux
and man’s desires
for “me”, ignorance,
and usage.

Sad truth
belieing a much
deeper quest
for nourishment.

No, eternity is best
a photograph
that slows time
and change
to mere notion
of perspective.

In that
soundless image,
unchanging and unchanged,
the dream, the moment,
and a far better hope
and view.

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That Trump and the Republicans

are thoroughly corrupt and rotten has long been obvious. There also doesn’t seem to be much respect for common sense, truth, justice, and law and order south of the border.
Now Trump has provided his loonies subset with motivation to use their guns: media and journalists. Utter madness unleashed in a country already reeling under non-stop craziness, lies, treason, despotism, and conspiracy.

As Emmett Till’s grave sign continues to get shot up and the racial divide is back big-time, it’s fairly clear this is all headed toward violence, disaster, and tragedy a la Charlottesville or Vegas on a large scale.

All because the Republicans en masse have shown zero integrity and respect for the law, their country, and their elected responsibilities. They’ve sold out their country and people to Russia and an egotistical orange-faced Big Brother. The every-which-way- destructive nightmare that America has become under Trump is even closer to collapse and irreparable ruin.

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Best Views (Still) of the River Valley

(N.B./picture showing less than 1/3 of actual view)

From the cliff behind McNally where I taught for 8 years. 180 degrees panaroma.

2nd best: from the patio and garden of the McDonald Hotel.

If you want to see geese, go to Rundle Park. Numerous geese there on the big pond and nearby grass.

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Who’s the Real Dummy?

LeBron James is very smart and has way more integrity than The Man Who Would Just Be Putin 2.

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Both Sides, Now

No, the war never ends
only morphs to
online siege,
lies and treason
as cheese-faced
and hair-chopped guys,
bed down with
a smiley fox for
and photo-ops.

For no one in particular,
certainly not for
working stiffs,
abandoned kids,
or the common-sensers
in search of mere truth
and a broken dream.

Up here in these parts,
the head dope
licks his chops at the
bread he’ll make
selling out generations
of kids plus schools,
cities, and clean air,
carbon tax aside.

Yeah, baby, the pipeline flows
rank like phoenix* waste
as illegals crowd border forests
in search of sanctuary,
free money and
The Canadian Whim.

(*federal government’s ineffective, expensive payroll plan costing billions)

(by blog author)

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The Real “Enemy of the People”:

Donald Trump.
Enemy of the USA and the rest of the world.

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Blog Is Six Years-Old

and entering year 7 in September.

(worthy of a celebratory Jeanne’s cake)

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What Hemingway Called “The Fifth Column”

Donald Trump is the Fifth Column in the U.S. for Russia. His son, Kushner, Stone, Sanders, and others were/are other members of this treasonous group.

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On Humor

“Humor is a social lubricant that helps us get over some of the bad spots.”
–Steve Allen

“Humor is but another weapon against the universe.”
–Mel Brooks

“Humor is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man’s superiority to all that befalls him.”
–Romain Gary

“Among other things, I think humor is a shield, a weapon, a survival kit.”
–Ogden Nash

“A sense of humor is a measurement of the extent to which we realize that we are trapped in a world almost totally devoid of reason. Laughter is how we express the anxiety we feel at this knowledge.”
–Dave Barry

“A sense of humor is a sense of proportion.”
Kahlil Gibran

“Common sense and a sense of humor are the same things, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.”
–Clive James

“The real marriage of true minds is for any two people to possess a sense of humor or irony pitched in exactly the same key, so that their joint glances at any subject cross like iinterarching searchlights.”
–Edith Wharton

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From the backyard garden today…

massive coleus

yellow begonia

polka dot plant

Constellation Virgo (my sign)

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