Invaluable Info for Edmo Houseowners:

A free annual ATCO furnace inspection you can phone and make an appt. for. Keeps you updated on any potential problems. Good time to do? Spring or summer.

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Example of a Non-Hard-News Headline:

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May Is Getting Married

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40 Most Basic, Useful, Indispensable, Beneficial Technologies Ever

(Edison’s phonograph for playing recorded music was one of the 40 most useful, indispensable, beneficial technologies)

-birth control
-cancer radiation
-artificial insulin
-penicillin and antibiotics
-artificial heart and other organs
-band-aids and bandages

Communications and Transportation
-printing press
-telegraph and telephone
-motion pictures
-sanitation technology
-World Wide web
-traffic signals
-roads and highways

-steam engine
-jet engine
-hammer and nail
-assembly line

Science and Electronics
-modern numbers

Everyday Items
-drinking fountain
-toilet paper
-disposable diaper

(Adapted from the interesting National Geographic 101 Inventions That Shaped the World)

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Trump: Just Plain Ultra-Ignorant

on science, global warming, and climate change. No belief in scientific facts or empirical evidence. No money in it for him. Pure and simple.

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Bolton & Trump: They Just Don’t Care

Neither listened to the Jamal extermination tape or read any transcript translation. Not interested. Had already decided. Prejudiced. Not interested in morality or humanitarianism. Just cold biz types only interested in preserving Trump’s personal continuing and increasing financial fortunes. Not good spokesmen or representatives for American values. Very anti-individual, anti-journalism. Downright dangerous.

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Arthur Miller’s “Incident at Vichy”:

for any playgoer who wants to see a significant, serious, relevant play of significant conflicts and ideas as opposed to the empty-headed Broadway show ‘fluff’ prevalent in our declining modern theatres these days.

This is one of Miller’s best, which plays very powerfully within a tight 70 minute structure. It is about eight men in a detention room in Nazi-occupied France awaiting interrogation to decide if they will go to the death camps. This is a truly moral play about human responsibility which would likely not play well in our current time of excuses, copouts, irresponsible behaviors, and me-first.

What is awesome is the extent of honesty with which Miller explores his themes. He is especially surprising on the value of human sacrifice where it is least expected.
The 1973 tv play version from the Broadway Theatre Archives series is well-acted by Rene Auberjonois, Harris Yulin, Richard Jordan (remarkable as an Austrian prince), Andy Robinson (the psycho-killer from Dirty Harry makes an excellent confused Nazi major), and skilfully directed by Stacy Keach (an interesting actor who rose to prominence in the ’60s and ’70s).

This is must-viewing for anyone who is interested in the workings of the Holocaust and the kinds of conflicts experienced by Jews and non-Jews during that crazy time. *It is a play that is still incredibly relevant today given the rise of anti-Semitism in the West. Highly recommended and unforgettable. Miller gives hope where one least expects to find it. An intelligent play and convincing performances. Two thumbs way up.

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Of Dogs and Humans: Edmonton News Today

(Our animal friends)

What kind of human-‘worse than animals’ leave a dog in a garbage bag at a Costco parking lot to freeze to death? (Probably the same kind that abandoned the bins of cats to die recently.) I have long said that people who want to own pets should be licensed or at least go through a course to make it more difficult for people to own animals, to make them more aware of what pet ownership entails, and to weed out people who should never be allowed to own pets.

The other incident in the local news here is about an American Staffordshire Terrier (part of the pit bull group) being dogsat at a house attacked a three-year-old. What is a pit bull breed doing walking around free inside a strange home? Now that it’s had a taste of a child and human skin and blood, what is the dog’s future? What is likely to happen to the owner? You’d think this was also a wake-up call to the sitters about the owner who obviously misrepresented the dog and the likely effects on their relationship.

Owning a pet, particularly a dog, requires human responsibility. The humans in these two cases failed abysmally and the result was serious trauma, injury and near-death. No, people cannot be willy-nilly trusted to own dogs. They need to be educated and screened first. The well-being of dogs and other humans (especially children) depends on it. There is far too much casualness and unreliability about too many dog owners. Animal abuse and cruelty are some of the worst of human behaviors.

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The States is steadily becoming even more violent and gun-crazy.

It continues to slide rudderless into barbarism with the ultimate ignoramus and ugliest American still at the helm for two more long years. There are some signs of hope though, with the imminence of the Mueller report and the Democrats launching investigations to kick off the year. Trump’s disapproval rating has risen to 60%. Is it possible that members of his base have begun to really see the awful, nasty, meaningless destruction he has wrought to their country and the world?

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Most of the music I listen to these daze

(a rare folk-rock  performance with students and girl singer of Dylan songs at McNally in the ’70s)

(‘Fudgeing it’ with Fudge, my ’90s teacher trio, in the Scona Room at a packed noon-hour concert in the ’90s)


continues to be the non-mainstream genres of classical and jazz. By some estimates, the former is only listened to by 1% of North Americans and by 2% for jazz. These challenging genres have become outside the average listening scope of today’s music fans which accounts for fewer jazz releases and the decline in symphonies. I listen to them for mental, emotional, and especially spiritual nourishment. I particularly enjoy the freedom and unorthodoxy of jazz, with which I maintain a strong unseen, umbilical connection.

Personal notes: When I was in elementary and junior high, my favorite music was pop. Folk music was a big part of my life from 1965 to 1973. I performed it from 1967 to ’72. When I was in high school and university, I listened to rock mostly, peaking with The Who, The Yardbirds, Hendrix and The Cream. I played rock from 1973 to 2002 in public as a part of many bands, most which I was the leader for.

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The country formerly known as the United States of America.

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Absolutely. Trump, Putin, Kim, even Trudeau.

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