The Right Thing, Naturally,

is that Trump gets impeached and removed, and truth, facts, law and order are restored, but the GOPs are now a cult party and look headed to complete their lemming plunge off a high cliff. The death of a dream and Russiafication of America.

Here, in Alberta, Jason Kenny and the UCPs have already taken the plunge with everyone else’s hijacked pension plans. He is another cowardly fascist ruling Alberta from the States.

In Canada, blackface Trudeau has changed his cabinet and named a deputy prime minister so he can do less than ever and be even more out of the spotlight and searchlights.

Chaos, injustice, corruption, and evil seem to have hijacked democracy and had their way with any kind of law, stability, peace, and permanence. “Nothing is/But what is not.” “Fair is foul and foul is fair.” (Macbeth)

There is only so much one person can do until some kind of sanity, law and order return. Time to stay focused on one’s own life and family all over again while the political worlds go nuts. Time for refuges, oases, bunkers, and Christmas. Very much the very dark winter of 1989 revisited.

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