The Impeachment Political Battle

currently on in the States should be paid attention to by everyone in the Western world. It has definitely got something to do with every person/individual in North America. *It is the most important politics, for the greatest number, that I have witnessed and experienced in my lifetime for sure.

Nancy Pelosi put all into perspective last evening in the CNN Town Hall interview when she concisely and accurately described why this event is so important to America, democracy, and the rest of the world (yes, Canada, Alberta, Edmonton, too):

“Civilization, as we know it, is at stake.”

Trump has majorly disrupted America (its institutions, stable normal functioning and the rest of the world with his kingly/dictator-style and Constitutional democracy), the West, US-Canada relations, and peace in the world. He must be stopped now asap or he will continue to destroy and exploit everyone and everything that is not him or his family.This is pure Big Brother/Macbeth stuff +++.

We are currently very much in darkness, chaos, and impermanency +++. If the dictator/wanna-be monarch is not stopped, we will enter a humongous Dark Age over the planet from which we will all not likely recover from ever.

*This is why the American Impeachment should matter to everyone everywhere now. Time to tune in and pay close attention to.

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