World Health Crisis Multiplied

(Roads to Old Possum’s prediction)

The coronavirus pandemic is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be follow-up waves as predicted, too.

But I am even more concerned about the billions who will suddenly find themselves without work and in absolute poverty and hunger. There will be famines and mass death abroad and I’m not entirely convinced that won’t happen here also with food and meat sources beginning to shut down. (Stock up on meat soups while you can.) Already there are too many kids in North America who are going hungry and who will die of malnutrition and starvation.

Exacerbating all of this in North America are myriad people sitting around on devices and in front of tvs and computers 24/7, never going outside to get fresh air and much-needed exercise to keep their bodies healthy and from seizing up. No question, this current generation of kids is rapidly becoming the most sedentary ‘Lost Generation’ of all-time with all the negative health implications that will follow, straining schools and the health care system.

Whenever I’ve gone out on my bike anytime before the pandemic, I would never see any kids outside in my neighborhood. The same is, surprisingly, still true, now. (You’d think people would want to move.) Kids never walking, playing, or riding bikes. Exercise has become passe for this generation. Add the sugary, salty snacks to a couch-potato sedentary lifestyle and you can, doh, figure out the prognosis down the road. Active living has not only declined for adults in North America, but for kids, too. Unquestionably, the chickens will come home to roost on this one.

So I foresee millions, maybe billions perishing and not just in Third World countries. I also foresee a collapse of the medical system in Canada as the innumerable health problems mentioned above come to fruition. All foreseeable and potentially preventable through totally missing public education and total lack of government guidance and common-sense smarts.

E-media has long been, basically, a distraction for many–a diversion more than anything else. So what will happen when the power goes out, as it will, sooner or later, from all this non-stop usage? How will people who spend 24/7 online manage? Especially the multitudes with zero inner resources, without the ability to distract, inform, or focus themselves?

The mental health epidemic is only just getting started. And governments have long been closing mental institutions right, left, and centre. Where will all these sick, damaged people go? Onto the streets, no doubt, killing innocent others. There is a large societal chaos coming from the increasing free-fall loonie population. We will see more incidents like the guy in town who stabbed an innocent guy waiting for the LRT in the chest. T.S. Eliot predicted that civilization would end with people killing each other in the streets. He may not have been far wrong on this view.

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