The professor who was extradited from Canada to France and then returned

will be next to get an apology from Justin and a big payout as will all the prisoners in solitary confinement.

Their constitutional rights have been violated. I thought prisoners who nastily killed people and were deemed dangerous offenders have violated the constitutional rights of others which is why they go to jail. The idea of jail is that prisoners have lost their rights and have no rights because of the serious breaches of the law. Common sense stuff.

Now, apparently, in our brave new world, the worst of them, in solitary confinement suddenly need to get rights their victims didn’t get. So, again, in Canada, criminals are being rewarded, and Justin will probably next to say sorry and give them wads of taxpayer money because their rights supercede the law and the rights of the dead people they ‘offed’ or tortured.

Only in pc-crazy Canada.

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