Holocaust Remembrance Day

An annual important marker of the humanity, empathy, sympathy, sensitivity, and civilized nature of people all over the planet.

Yes, the Holocaust was one of humankind’s saddest historical facts. Yes, there is no debating the truth of this tragic landmark era that revealed how dehumanized and degraded people can act toward fellow human beings.

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Deluded Edmonton City Council

Always looking for a ‘winner’. Having torn up the downtown and left it to bums during the pandemic years. Sohi and the rest of city council should get on their bikes and do a ‘winter city’ tour of the downtown, chatting with the local denizens who predominate the downtown area. Get out and meet the people, so to speak, see what’s what.

U of A fascistically forcing out campus employees and departments to the downtown, to try to find expensive parking spots, and mingle with the derelicts at street level strikes me as absurd and doomed to fail.

No, the time to act was back in the ’90s at the latest. The Art Gallery has no consequential art. The library is a place for bums to hang out, score deals, and beat up on each other. The art gallery only has parking 100 yards away accessed via thug-filled tunnels. Activities have been moved out of the downtown area and now Hawrelak is closed for 3 years to large events. The new LRT pier pillar cracks are of no concern and trains will continue to run over them until a disaster movie scenario.

The ‘wisdom’ of this city’s managers has been consistently walleyed and destructive of anything resembling an old, once-active, functioning Edmonton. ‘Deadmonton’ should be officially voted in as the new city wasteland moniker. Katz’s gendarmes at the Rogers Centre will never leave the private compound to assist in the rot they’ve helped to wrought.

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Reality: One of these days

an extra-terrestrial body shall strike Earth. Yesterday’s asteroid, the size of a truck, came within 2,200 miles of our planet. Wasn’t detected till a week before by NASA.
Just a matter of time, I realistically figure….

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Classified Documents Found at My Daughter’s Place

Fortunately, they’re edible.

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Washington Post Headline Today:

“Canada is edging toward a right to suicide”

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A Great Way to Feed One’s Head!


Melvyn Bragg’s “In Our Time” podcasts (1,000 or so) on philosophy, history, science, the arts.

About 1 very fast hour each, hosted/moderated by Bragg with 3 guest university profs/experts. He asks questions for layman clarification along the way and inserts some personal opinions, framing and guiding the discussion which moves and jumps around fast. It is a challenge for the listener to keep up. An excellent thinking workout.

BBC - Radio 4 and 4 Extra Blog

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Dylan Project Fini

Reading 35 of Bob’s songs as poetry (no music). 102 mins. 2 CDs. A labour of love and an homage going back to 1965 when I first “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and found a major poet to inspire and guide my life through music.

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Preston Manning Wins the Lottery!

As Danielle Smith continues to panic and flounder about looking to create distractions for the public, Manning is chosen to head up an investigation into Alberta’s response to the pandemic. (Now, c’mon confess, wasn’t this something keeping you wide awake these nights?)

In effect, it’s a gratuitous golden handshake of a quarter million + 2 million overall for the Smith-selected committee. Smell any bias, predetermined outcomes, or corruption?

Anyway, Preston was a shoo-in for the job since he has been publicly predisposed to doing away with Covid regulations should another pandemic arise. In other words, Smith loaded this task force which will render the verdict she, the UCP, and rednecks would desire. (Make no mistake, she is doing this also to appease her southern redneck base.)

Meantime, there remain no consequential changes to the hospitals crisis, to educational paralysis, and to the destruction of the mountains by coal mining. And meantime, we still don’t know how many people are dying of Covid, how many children are in hospitals, and how many beds, doctors, and nurses hospitals are short of.

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Two Daily Basics

1. The fact of change every second, every day, every which way, on all fronts.

2. The passage of time and its effects on everyone and everything.

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Graham Greene’s “Monsignor Quixote”

Spent the last few days under the spell of Greene’s book and the faithful adaptation by the 1985 Sir Alec Guinness movie available for free viewing online.

What a treat! A gentle, thoughtful exploration of many topics: faith and doubt, Catholicism and Marxism with a dash of Descartes, authority and rebellion, society and the outsider individual, and spiritual questing in a serious, mock-heroic, humorous way. Both works are probing, entertaining dialectical entertainments. To boot, there is an excellent simultaneous spoof of Cervantes’ original book, plot, and characters.

The adaptation by Christopher Neame, the gentle, playful direction of Rodney Bennett, the outstanding casting including Guinness as Quixote and Leo McKern as Sancho, the wonderful musical soundtrack, and the on-location Spanish settings make this unusual work a mini-masterpieces of sorts. Both works are very impressive and thought-provoking from beginning to end.

Recommended, especially for anyone Catholic or anyone wanting to learn more about the two aforementioned belief systems. One of Guinness’s best films.

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