The Poem-a-Day Series, Poem #33

1959’s “Take Five” single the biggest jazz single of all-time. Above right: the great jazz saxist Paul Desmond with Brubeck live at piano.

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Trudeau Will Be Re-elected

after the Liberals’ increased funding for abortion access–a position totally opposite to SCOTUS and the GOPs down south. Guarantees most women’s votes.

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The Poem-a-Day Series, Poem #32

Arachnophonia: Getz/Gilberto | Listening In

(the ultimate, classic Bossa Nova album that brought Bossa Nova to the West in 1964)

(left: a 1991 People Time album insert signed at the Yardbird Suite for me by major pianist Kenny Barron who played with Stan on his last, live Copenhagen album; right: one of the better DVDs of Stan playing in a summer Californian vineyard in front of a huge audience)

I was in grade 9/1964 in Winnipeg when I heard the single “The Girl from Ipanema” sung by Astrud Gilberto and played by Stan Getz (sax) and her husband Joao (guitar), the latter the great Bossa Nova songwriter who also sang in Portugese.

The radio hit (one of the biggest jazz hits of all time) motivated me to buy the LP; I liked Astrud’s voice and Stan’s expressive sax.

Imagine my surprise when I heard her husband’s voice in Portugese (!) setting the stage for Astrud’s part in the song which I’d heard on radio.

And the surprises continued with “Corcovado” and other songs written by her husband. She sang about 2 more songs, and Joao carried the mail vocally otherwise. I didn’t always understand any of the foreign lyrics, but the emotion and keys of the songs were indicative of the feelings and mood. This was pretty much pure music.

Well, as it turned out, this introduced a brief Bossa Nova era with everyone covering Gilberto’s songs. “Peter Gunn” and “Take Five” aside, this was my first significant introduction to Stan Getz and modern jazz. I, subsequently, followed Stan’s music up to his death in 1991.

(I have written other poems about jazzers including Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, and the Peter Erskine band.)

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Headline: “Naomi Judd Net Worth:

How Rich Was Country Singer Before Her Death?”

Totally irrelevant. All her wealth could not help her fight mental health problems and prevent her from committing suicide.
This is a typical crazy example of the media playing up money and wealth as the ultimate value and worth of a person’s life.
It is a total insult to her family and memory.
And our society is already obsessed enough with money and wealth as being the main goal in life. The human element and human suffering is completely ignored and underplayed.
Just plain sick and dangerous.

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“We feel that we are greater than we know.”

–William Wordsworth

Other quotes:

-Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings; it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.

-Blessed in that dawn to be alive                                                                                                           But to be young was very heaven

-Poetry is the breath and finer spirit of knowledge.

-The child is the father of the man.

-All that we behold is full of blessings.

-The world is too much with us.

-Society has parted man from man, neglectful of the universal heart.

-Plain living and high thinking.


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Moving Day, Age 2 or 3?

A small boy sitting at a children’s table in the first-floor front hallway.                                      Movers talking, going up and down the stairs, sweeping past him carrying furniture.
To distract him, his mother has made fresh chocolate pudding  on the stove, puts it in a bowl to cool on his table while he waits.
He watches a ‘skim’ form on top first, and then he digs in.
The ‘skim’ scraped aside–below, the first spoonful is still warm and sweet.
The boy stays at the table as he’s been told to, even after the pudding is gone,                          as the movers keep coming in and going out the front door                                                            until there is no more noise and he realizes suddenly they are gone.

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The Poem-a-Day Series, Poem #31


Woman Bathing by Mary Cassatt, 1890 - Framed Print - 11.625 x 16.000 /  Black / White in 2022 | Women bathing, Cassatt, Framed prints

While looking at work of well-known women artists in the 1990s, I tripped over this classic and wrote the above response. There is a simplicity about Cassatt’s work that spilled over into the poem’s content and style. Such a simple everyday scene and yet so perfect and beautiful at the same time. Sometimes ‘less is more’, as is often opined.

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“The more things change, the more they stay the same.

These days–bad!” –RD

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The First English Poem about Wildlife Conservation,

per se, the Sacredness of Life, and Reverence for Life: Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”.

(two imaginative visual book versions: the classic Dore is very strikingly atmospheric and awe-some in black and white)

(this olde LP is the ultimate reading of the poem featuring the voices of Richard Burton and John Neville, distinguished  British actor and former director at Citadel Theatre)

(this award-winning long reading with animated and real images is a memorable presentation narrated by distinguished British actor Sir Michael Redgrave; I used to show it to my senior-high English classes)

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The Poem-a-Day Series, Poem #30

(Mingan Archipelago)

(Moore’s “Sheep Piece” and another sample Moore sculpture)

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