Christmas Lights, 2021

‘Tis the season of lights when people’s behaviors normally improve and change for the better toward others.

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Celebrating First Day of Hanukkah, 2021

One menorah candle.

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Remembrance Day 2021

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Rare Beautiful November Morning Sky

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Hard News Headlines Today:

“Lindsay Lohan Is Engaged!”

“Elliot Page shows off abs in shirtless selfie”

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9/11 Getaway, Sept. 2001, Jasper

A thoughtful weekend after the world changed in the new millennium. Amethyst Lodge balcony.

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All those folks who retired to both coasts of Canada to live a quiet, peaceful life with Nature.

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Another Kenney Day,

and two more cowpies.

Justice in Alberta is becoming non-existent after the 100 million slash which has left 120 cases languishing and nearing expiry dates for trial. Many criminals will be let loose, uncharged at this rate. Thank you, Jason.

And now Kenney is being sued by environment groups for his slagging them publicly and accusing them of spreading misinformation about the government’s pipeline policies.

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Anti-Vaxxers just don’t care about others.

Not only do they walk amongst the vaccinated infecting them, children, family, friends, and others, but they also deserve condemnation for many of the wasted dosages which were originally designated for them that didn’t get to other needy sick Canadians and unvaccinated people in many other countries.

These are incredibly selfish, disrespectful, socially irresponsible, could-care-less people. I have no respect or pity for stupid, ignorant, unrepentant people who will-fully and stubbornly make their own bad personal dangerous choices, especially when they threaten the health of the greater number/society. Their frivolously so-called ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ is a dangerous (to themselves and others): truly a brain-dead position and a narrow, misinformed, unscientific choice.

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Omarova vs. Sen. Kennedy:

Shades of ugly, red-baiting Joe McCarthy from 7 decades ago. Again, not much has changed in the conservative political ranks.

The nasty, disgusting, prejudicial, discriminatory poison and evil of America’s past continues fully out in the open for all to see.

The morally bankrupt GOPs are showing the rest of the country what is “morally right” and how “treasonous outsiders” should be treated with barefaced contempt and zero civility.

America and, notably, Trump and the GOPs, continue to embrace the most shameless, hateful, violent aspects of its past. As Trump put it, That rioters called for Pence to be hanged is “common sense” in the nightmare s-hole country that he created in America. The law of the jungle and lawless “might is right”.

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