Meeting Bruce Again Last Night

(his amazingly full, rich life autobio; also recommended: the signed CD boxset)

(he signed by “Lions” in the 2nd ed. of my copy of  Inside Poetry)

What a show at the Winspear! I think it was the best tour show I’d ever see him do with his best backup players. Told him he should put it on DVD. It would be a great one for his fans and those who encountering him for the first time. Walking a little limply and bent over more than the last time I saw him four years ago. But his voice and guitar chops were in fine form; haven’t changed in decades.
Did see him in the autograph line afterward and he signed one of his song lyrics in one of my textbooks (I’ve had published “If A Tree”, “Going to the Country”, “Silver Wheels”, and “Lions” twice.)
I still remember him crawling on the floor behind a piano to tune it in a church here on campus in 1970ish when he was thru Edmonton the first time. (He played piano on the first two albums. “Musical Friends”!) He looked surprised by the memory, but admitted “it was possible” in the mists of his own memory.
An amazing show. Row 1, dead centre seats with my son. It really does not get much better than that.

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