In the end, there had been nothing fundamentally wrong

with living the life of a free spirit, doing things one’s own way, being responsible first and foremost to self and following one’s own bliss, without apology or regret.

This main life choice had cultivated a free mind, an autonomous individual, and over the years much serenity and satisfaction. A lot of things had subsequently turned out well, right, and quite fine. And there was no reason to shift focus or to make major changes.
He had had a surfeit of freedom in his youth up to his first year of teaching, but even that work allowed him enough leeway to become a successful musician and writer on the side. After 1990, his consciousness changed and was more self-oriented than other-centered. In 2002, he became significantly free again when he retired from teaching and did not have to kowtow to anyone else: a school board, a principal, parents, and even students.

In the work he finished up with by 2010, he was fortunate in being free to make his own fortune and still score his own successes. After that, he was completely free to turn more inward to exploring consciousness and understandings and appreciations of life basics. It had all worked. Those recent years had been ones of acceptance and going with the flow, appreciating life itself even more. That and a sublime letting-go. The serenity had been the last step.

No, there was nothing left to do now but to improve even more, to keep learning. and to savour the total leisure that lay ahead.

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