I’ve said it before

and I’ll say it again. The current Edmonton City Council is on an irrational, runaway course to destroy what was once a fine, livable city.

They have destroyed the road system, parking, and ease-of-movement everywhere. They have sold out tourists, car drivers and homeowners to bike agendas and crazy, poorly-thought-out LRT fantasies. They apply dangerous calcium chloride on winter roads and try to open a toxic beach. They spend millions tearing up public space and initiate disastrous projects that never end.

Theirs is a horrible record of waste, inconvenience, lack of safety, and a distinct lack of public reality. They have flushed this city down the toilet over and over again. Don Iveson is the worst mayor we have ever had and, likewise, this is the most stupid city council ever. Period. A study in absurdity and stupidity since their election. Now nothing will ever fix or save our poor, warzone-looking burgh. Pity poor Edmonton, a once-livable nice city.

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