Hudson Bay Rules: Dirty NHL Play/offs

After refs calling the most nonexistent, questionable, and extremely minor penalties throughout the season, players and teams are now allowed to club each other to death sans calls. Sort of like Rollerball out there; the team that wins the cup will have the most players left alive and standing. The whacking and hacking has taken out many of the best surviving players at this point. Not fair, methinks, when skill becomes a target and winning means everything, at the exclusion of the usual rules and regulations.

Nashville’s attempt to close the series with the dirty Ducks today at 6 pm MDT will likely leave bodies all over the ice with no players reporting for subsequent discipline of any kind. In the other series played to date, the criminal treatment of Crosby so far epitomizes the sorry state of the NHL’s blind eye to intentional violence, especially on superstars.

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