Chant for Pilgrims

(Castile, Spain)

In the musty cloister corridors
of Santo Domingo
are the voices of the ages
Men without women.
Men without guns.
Men assured of purpose sublime.
Re-gardless of time,
untouched by war, chaos
and the mad pursuit of money.
Here there is the grace of
melody sans harmony
and rhythm.
Here there is holy society
of the single melody
in language and tones
beyond your limitations.

Listen. It sounds like Peace.
It sounds like Soul
conversing with self.
It sounds like sanctuary, blessing
and forgiveness for
all and everything.

Leave all cares outside
the stones, this monastery.
Pettiness, ego,
control and strife.
Here there is only eternity
and a balm that none
of us likely deserve.
Listen to the songs as
they change keys
and time signatures
slowly, magically.

This is a transcendent life here
beyond your haste, your
real and imagined complications.
No one here lives beyond
the simple chants which
forever start each
passing day or century.
Within these walls,
the monks have found It.
A timeless Truth we all need,
having lost our ways
so many times in
life’s ever-changing journey.


(It was a very busy, spiritual August in many ways. The above poem was inspired by the famous, spiritualĀ Chant CD by The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos)

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