A Super TV Spy Series, Writing, and Acting

Riveting with many surprises, twists, and turns.

Alec Guinness in one of his best-ever performances as George Smiley, ‘retired’ British spy. A wonderful cast including Joss Acklund, Michael Aldridge, Ian Bannen (exceptional), Hywet Bennett, Bernard Hepton (ditto), Michael Jayston (ditto), Ian Richardson (ditto).

Outstanding script adaptation by Arthur Hopcraft, original novel by John Le Carre (featured in an insightful tell-all bonus interview), and smoothly and pacedly directed by John Irvin (1979, Acorn).

I haven’t seen Smiley’s People, but am told it’s even better with a number of these actors returning in their roles. Two thumbs way up for this classic British drama. Nothing on the tube today matches this masterpiece for this genre for acting, writing, look, suspense, or direction. A tremendous pleasure for British viewing connoisseurs.

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