Dead Poets Stroll Yesterday

(a true gentle man, a master teacher, the former head of Edmonton Catholic’s ELA, past president of ELAC, poet and playwright, co-author of some 40+ textbooks and teacher’s guides, close personal witty friend who died too young at 60 in 2010. I was lucky to read my eulogy to him at his huge funeral.)

The local Stroll of Poets honored the dead yesterday at Audrey’s Books, an annual event. I got the opportunity to remember Glen Kirkland, my writing partner of 25 years, and read one of his ‘scary’ poems. A nice range of readings and readers yesterday.

The Mexican Day of the Dead comes up on November¬†2 (just in time for the midterm American election!). I’ll personally remember several departed that day in the blog.

I’ll let Glen have the last word today, with one of his final poems (from the funeral program):

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