The ON Classroom Cellphone Ban

is an overdue idea right across Canada. No phones should be turned on within classrooms. And that goes for beeps and music signals, too. Instruction and learning are the priorities in the classroom. If there is any kind of emergency, parents can contact teachers via classroom phones through school secretaries. Some things are sacrosanct and student focus is #1 in schools. School classrooms need no technological distractions and diversions. Teachers remain the main facilitators when it comes to classroom learning, not cellphones.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Phones and technology will never, ever love you.

Too, the Kenny move to tear up the new NDP curriculum worked on for years is a terribly retrograde move. Business should not be in charge of education. (This is a retrograde move to the PC years when all students were ‘ideally’ supposed to become little entrepreneurs. There is far more to life, learning, and schools than business, soullessly making money, and materialism.)

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